They say that fear of public speaking is second only to fear of death. If you can relate to this statement, you’ve come to the right place. I’m Dr. Elizabeth Whitney and I am passionate about inspired leadership and positive management of speaking and presentation anxiety.

I have a Ph.D. in Communication & Performance Studies and extensive experience facilitating workshops in professional settings, teaching public speaking & communication, and professional theatrical training and experience in vocal production.

As a performing artist, I’m quick with creative ideas. As a researcher, I’m a critical thinker and a close reader. When these two selves get together, I’m a force.

My clients write personal statements, apply for higher education programs, and rehearse acceptance speeches. My workshops cover confidence in public speaking, creative brainstorming and design, and digital storytelling as a way toward intercultural communication.

In other words, I can support you as you manage projects, edit content, and give a successful public presentation without banging your head against a wall.

I want to help you practice Invitational Rhetoric:
Creating a comfortable space for yourself where you can’t wait to invite your audience to enter into your world and share your experience.

I work with individuals and teams. Together, we will identify strengths and challenges in public speaking. We will design a tailored plan for growth that, when practiced regularly, will positively influence your life well beyond your work environment.

I bring expertise in the following:

  • Dynamic storytelling
  • Cooperative leadership
  • Fostering inclusive environments
  • Building confidence
  • Diction & articulation
  • Deep breathing and relaxation techniques for anxiety

I love working with people who are excited about what they do, and I would love to help you and your team find new ways to balance work/life and grow your confidence. This is easier than you think, and absolutely essential for your professional advancement and personal satisfaction. Take this on as a challenge and learn to enjoy speaking in public.