Elizabeth demystified the higher education teaching process for me, offering tailored advice and feedback as I entered into the world of teaching. Her candid and rigorous guidance helped me navigate academic bureaucracy and shape a vision for my teaching life. Elizabeth’s insights have given me a professional edge and empowered me to advocate for my career, I am indebted and forever grateful.
–Kyla, Saint Mary’s College of California

I’m still using the techniques from my  session with Elizabeth, especially learning how to stay more still and not fidget so much that it’s distracting to an audience.
–S. Schroeder, Writer/Storyteller

“I’ve known Dr. Whitney for years and have seen her in action. She’s a class A coach… skills, credentials, clear and helpful instructions, and care for her clients.”
–Jason D., Communication Studies

“Elizabeth is an insightful and creative professional who has the ability to listen. With her easy-to-approach, sympathetic personality, she is the most pleasant person to work and be around with. On top of this all, she is also fun!”
–JL, Administrator 

“Elizabeth is a gifted storyteller and strategist. She coaches people to leverage narrative performance techniques to enhance effective communication in contexts ranging from interviews and presentations to leadership and teaching.”
–Michael, Communication Studies

“Dr. Whitney’s skills have helped me with everything from mastering the intricacies of Prezi, to audio editing, to providing welcomed advice on conference presentation styles. She is that rare expert who can give critical advice to other experts in a way that they not only appreciate but look forward to receiving!”
–JV, Media Studies

“Dr. Elizabeth Whitney has helped clients become confident and strategic communicators. With the background in academic and professional contexts, Dr. Elizabeth Whitney has made her clients’ goals of effective public speaking more accessible.  Mastering nonverbal communication for influence and authority, articulating impromptu ideas with confidence, and overcoming speech apprehension are areas of skill/coaching that Dr. Whitney tailors specifically for each client based on their professional needs and skill levels.  Dr. Whitney’s coaching inspires confidence and helps you see your potential.
–N, Communication Studies