You can become a more compelling speaker. Think about someone you know who commands attention when they speak. People want to hear what they have to say. They tell stories that are funny and insightful. They tell stories that are so interesting, you want to tell them to other people.

What makes them so compelling? For starters, confidence. There is no substitute. But, confidence should not be confused with egotism. A truly confident person is secure enough to invite the listener into their world.

A good speaker is invitational. A good speaker is a good storyteller. Storytelling is something we all do in our everyday lives–from short introductions when we meet new people to creating online profiles, we are constantly telling stories about who we are. Becoming a confident storyteller isn’t something limited to artists and actors, it’s a skill that you already possess and can hone to your advantage, until you are equally as comfortable standing in front of a room of people as you are chatting with your best friend.

In order to be confident enough to invite others into your world, you need to develop certain foundation skills:

Regulate your breath
Stay physically relaxed
Be nice to yourself
Enter with charisma, exit with certainty
Invite the audience into your world
Make your gestures count
Be clear & be heard
Develop strategies for an enjoyable Q & A
Cut the “um,” “uh,” and “hmmm”
Use eye contact to your advantage

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